The iVendi Guarantee

Our promise to our customers

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What is the iVendi Guarantee?

The iVendi Guarantee, is built on seven foundational principles:

Security, Support, Compliance, Insight, Service, Training and Testing

The huge reach of iVendi’s operation means the highest levels of system availability, support and data security are a must.

iVendi’s technology provides vehicle retailers, lenders and manufacturers with the digital tools to cater to consumers no matter where they are in their vehicle buying journey. And it wouldn’t be possible to produce over 100 billion quotes and have reliable platforms accessed by around five million unique users per month without an impenetrable foundation to build our products and our business upon.

Given that a majority of consumers now start their journey online, the iVendi platform needs to be as robust as possible to provide all parties involved in any vehicle sale full peace of mind regarding the electronic processes they’re interacting with.

The importance of Information Security

Manufacturers_2CT_Robust_And_Secure-01As the world becomes more reliant on digital tools, the number of factors influencing data security continues to increase. The threat level attached to cyberattacks is only heading in one direction, with warnings about the high level of activity that could threaten ordinary businesses on the rise.

Technology companies, especially those who provide a service that bridges the gap between consumer and financial services, have a responsibility to protect the data of everyone involved, at every stage of the transaction.

Here at iVendi, the security of our customers and users is our highest priority.

Security is important to us as it encompasses everything from information theft, to data integrity, and platform vulnerability.

Information theft could result in unregulated use of personal information and the consequences could have a long-term impact on those affected.

The integrity of the data found in the iVendi platform is vital to providing an accurate quoting experience, and ensuring that all information exchanged between the consumer, the retailer, and the lender is as accurate and secure as possible.

The integrity of the iVendi platform is critical to its ability to handle the high levels of interaction it sees on a daily basis. We interact with over 10,000 retail and lender partners, and our products are accessed by over 5 million consumers every month. iVendi’s years of experience and huge portfolio give us an insight that is tough to match, and those experiences guide our dedicated Information Security & Compliance team.

The team has built a strong and robust security infrastructure built to the standards that major financial institutions must adhere to, and continually works to enhance security, and achieve new accreditations in compliance and security for the iVendi platform.

What does this mean for our customers?

At iVendi, we take data security incredibly seriously, and our policy of using managed detection and response goes far in excess of typical network and data monitoring.

We continuously review our systems to detect and neutralise potential threats before they have the chance to become an issue.

It means iVendi, and those we work with, are harder targets for potential attackers, with the added benefit of being a much more secure partner for our financial and retail connections.

We work to keep our partners informed, and regularly publish valuable resources to help anyone improve their online security.

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Robust and proactive Product Support

Manufacturers_2CT_Managed_Detection_And_Response-01The success of our partners and customers is core to the iVendi business, which means we’re keen to quickly and efficiently address any issues that arise.

For more than a decade now, iVendi has been working differently to most customer support functions. We proactively measure, monitor and trend customer behaviour to highlight and address any issues or queries before they are even visible to our customer base. 

This means our expert product support team is able to act autonomously, delivering the highest levels of technical assistance we’ve become known for, and solving user issues, before they happen.

The whole point of a more digitally capable business is that it gives your operation a 24-hour route to sale, and we make sure it stays that way.

An important part of that process is the industry-leading Client Delivery Centre (CDC). The CDC takes care of much of the system management and user support within the iVendi platform, providing effective solutions to users who’ve encountered difficulties, and resolve common platform problems, even before the user is aware of the issue.

iVendi’s dedication to its support function was recognised by the Service Desk Institute, where we were named finalists in the Best Service Desk category on our first attempt for the award.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our enhanced support functionality ensures our customers are always getting the best out of their iVendi products.

Our 24-hour support team is always available to deliver the highest levels of product support and system availability around the clock. 

We believe in delivering tangible results to our partners. Having a direct, manageable line of communication between our support function and our users - available whenever our customers need it -  is of critical importance.

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Maintaining financial compliance

iVendi_Retailers_2CT_Safe_and_Secure-NEW 2Finance is at the core of what we do. So it is vital that all of our products are built with financial regulations in mind.

Financial institutions are subject to complex rules and regulations that govern how they do business. Those who don’t comply with the regulations risk fines, suspended operations, and reputational damage.

Financial regulations exist in order to promote transparency, maintain the integrity of the market and to protect customers, businesses and investors.

We work hard to ensure that our products meet and exceed the strictest regulatory requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other regulatory bodies across Europe.

That gives lenders, retailers and consumers the peace of mind to know that all our products are built on the foundation of compliance to protect all parties from potential infractions. 

Simply put, our products aid financial compliance so you don’t run afoul of important regulations.

What does this mean for our customers?

When it comes to making sure you are financially compliant, you’ll find it much easier if you are working with a partner who takes financial compliance seriously. 

At iVendi, we understand the regulations governing financial institutions and the importance of adhering to these rules in order to minimise risk and drive operational efficiencies.

While we can’t make your business financially compliant, when used correctly, our products aid compliance and ensure the customer journeys you are offering, both online and in the showroom, are built with this in mind.

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Powerful insight to drive your business

Our customers and partners can benefit from the wealth of data and the decades of industry expertise we have at our disposal.

With the ability to track data across online and showroom solutions, we have a unique and comprehensive view of your customers and their buying behaviour.


Our outstanding Account Management team helps our customers and partners get the best value out of our solutions and access unique data and insights to identify actionable information and facilitate data-driven decisions. 

We leverage that unique insight to help our customers understand what is happening in the wider market, how this will impact their business and what steps they can take to maximise market opportunities. 

We provide the service, support and insight needed to enable stakeholders to make better decisions and help our partners achieve their business goals.

From analysing key performance metrics across our dealer base and extracting insights to help our partners recognise performance gaps, market trends and new revenue opportunities, our team of thought leaders shares their knowledge and research on a regular basis.

What does this mean for our customers?

Combining data analysis and decades of industry expertise gives you deeper insight into the vehicle retail landscape if shared effectively.

Our platform connects retailers to millions of consumers on a daily basis, giving us behind-the-scenes information on how consumers are buying across the market. 

Our Account Management team helps you interpret these market dynamics, address changes to consumer behaviour and ensure your iVendi solutions are working to their full potential.

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Consistently delivering great customer service

Support_Grid_Card_Contact_Support-01Good business is built on good relationships. 

Long-term business success depends on creating positive customer experiences. We believe in building and nurturing strong, solid and lasting relationships with our customers and partners, and we invest in ensuring an unparalleled customer experience.

Our dedicated Customer Excellence team acts as the voice of the customer within iVendi. They ensure that communication between the business and our clients is impactful, and they manage expectations of all parties. 

They manage our customer success roadmap, including training customers in best practices, onboarding them when they are just getting started, and ensuring their success over the length of their contract with us.

They are always on hand to provide exceptional levels of customer service, ensuring all of our customers are listened to, that their business strategies are understood, and that we are helping them achieve success.

By understanding our clients’ needs, we can answer their questions, help them find solutions to their problems, ensure buyer satisfaction and build mutual trust.

What does this mean for our customers?

We are more than a software house. 

We are a trusted and reliable strategic partner to many in the automotive industry, and we treat each of our customers with the same approach - to help you achieve your business goals.

Having a friendly, reliable and trustworthy customer service team always on hand to help, is critical to our success and to the success of our customers and partners.

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Comprehensive product training


Any digital tool is only as good as the person using it.

To make sure all of our customers are enjoying the full value of our products, we offer a free of charge training programme. We’ll train your entire staff with remote or in-person training sessions to help you get the most out of our solutions. Including everything from buyer journeys, set up and deal management, our expert team will check in frequently to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Rather than offering a learning platform where your staff can log in during their own free time and complete training modules, we offer personalised training in a real-world environment where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback and assistance.

What does this mean for our customers?

We aim to get our users up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide continuous training programmes for our partners to take advantage of whenever they purchase a new product, add new users, or just want a refresher.

Training is provided by our Customer Excellence team, who are available for online training, or in-person training where we’ll visit your dealership to make sure you’re set up properly.

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A rigorous testing programme to ensure the best outcomes for our customers

Intensive testing is a feature of all iVendi solutions, both before and after launch. And to ensure each of our solutions is the best it can be, every iVendi product goes through what we call iVendi Tried & Tested.

This is our process for bringing products to market, and it follows a simple path: Idea – Prototype – Consumer Testing – Beta Phase – Development Partner Programme.

Ahead of a major product roll-out, we work with our Development Partner Programme, which includes both dealers and lenders, to ensure it is fit for purpose and will add value to a client’s business. This involves rigorous consumer testing and dealer feedback. 


Once a product is in place, we are still very focused on durability, usability and performance, conducting continuous platform testing to ensure the system remains robust and maintains its high levels of reliability across its entire life span. 

Each product team at iVendi has a dedicated Quality Analyst who ensures that our products and updates are suitable before launch. Our QA specialists know our products inside and out, and regularly approach our products from different viewpoints to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Quality testing is needed at various different stages of a products' lifecycle, from early in development to ensure the basis of the product and what it’s for is suitable, to after launch where constant monitoring ensures the product is working at its best at all times.

What does this mean for our customers?

Testing is a necessary step for product development teams to go through to provide high-quality products that last.

Having a rigorous testing programme means our products are fit for purpose when they are released to market and they are built around consumer needs.

We value feedback from our customers and we regularly seek their input during our development process to ensure our products are meeting their needs and the needs of their customers.


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