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New technologies are changing the way vehicles are bought & sold. Here, our industry experts share their specialised knowledge and insights to provide you with in-depth information on everything you need to know about digital transformation in the automotive sector.

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Driving Future Success

Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Vehicle Retail

This white paper explores the changing dynamics of vehicle retailing, leveraging insights from a survey of 1,000 used vehicle buyers and in-depth interviews.

Its purpose is to assist the automotive industry in understanding consumer preferences and expectations, enabling the development of strategies that better align with these needs.

The five key themes, which we discuss in much more detail are:

  1. There's a move towards online sales
  2. Offering vehicle finance online drives sales
  3. Vehicle buyers are happier online
  4. The compliance journey is working
  5. Online tools drive engagement
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Consumer Duty

Navigating Consumer Duty Regulations in the Automotive Sector:

The Role of Technology in Achieving Compliance and Enhancing Customer Experience

Our industry experts have crafted this whitepaper to equip you with vital insights into the FCA's new Consumer Duty Regulations and what this means within the automotive sector.

Designed to provide a deeper understanding of Consumer Duty and empower you to navigate these regulations effectively using the appropriate technology. By doing so, you can learn how to create good outcomes for consumers and elevate their overall experience.

Content includes:

  The Consumer Duty Structure

 New responsibilities created by the regulations

  How to meet these obligations

  Five considerations to strategy development

Better Buying Journeys

Better Buying Journeys

How new thinking can help motor retailers create the best customer experience online and in the showroom

There is no question that customer expectations are changing, especially in the third decade of the 21st century.

this white paper looks at how new thinking can be applied to help create the best customer experience both online and in the showroom.

Contents include:

Search strategy checklist

Customer engagement how-to

Customer journey assessment


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Connected Retailing

Connected Retailing: Addressing the Challenges of Digital Transformation

As car, van, and motorcycle buyers look to engage and transact on a more digital level, this exclusive report examines the ways in which technology needs to address a more complex buying process. 

Digital tools are available to help retailers and lenders through every step of the journey, and this detailed analysis gives all the insight required to move businesses into the digital age.

Contents include:

Consumer Behaviour Insight

Digital Sales Journeys

Maintaining Profitability

Using Search to Power Sales

Using Search to Power Sales: An iVendi guide to how motor retailers can emulate the very best online retailers

Our investigation into the power of intelligent search. Crucial to a successful online operation, search capability is at the heart of any good digital strategy.

A business can only grow in the modern climate if it, and its stock, are easy to find. This report takes in tactics and technology around search best practices.

Contents include:

Retailer benchmarking exercises

The latest thinking on search

Hints & Tips on digital strategy

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