Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Policy


iVendi is a multi-award-winning vehicle retailing solution provider Headquartered in Colwyn Bay North Wales. We currently employ over 100 people who serve over 4000 vehicle dealers and multiple finance providers in the UK and Europe. 

Purpose, Vision and Mission

Purpose: Make buying easier 

Vision: Become world leaders in vehicle retail solutions 

Mission: We help our customers achieve success by transforming the way vehicles are bought & sold. We do this by connecting vehicle retailers, lenders & OEMs to buyers through smart use of data and simple-to-use digital solutions that make buying & selling easier for all.

ESG Responsibilities 

The iVendi Board and senior management strives to operate to the highest ethical standards and considers iVendi’s environmental and social responsibilities in the following areas: 

  • The wellbeing and development of our employees;
  • The trust of our clients and security of their information; 
  • Managing and influencing ESG issues in our supply chain; 
  • Environmental impact of our services, especially with regards to energy consumption, printing and paper use. 

Wellbeing and development of our employees 

The recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals is key to the ongoing success and growth of our business. Induction training provides new employees with health and safety awareness and familiarisation with our business. iVendi also encourages the pursuit of professional qualifications personal development. 

iVendi has implemented a range of supporting policies to ensure that our people are provided with a safe, secure and attractive working environment. These policies include: 

  • Health and Safety Policy 
  • Grievance Policy 
  • Equal Opportunities Policy 
  • Harassment Policy 
  • Equal Pay
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption leave policies 
Trust of our clients and security of their information

Our business fundamentally depends on building and maintaining the trust that our clients have in us, both in the integrity of our work and in the security of client information which we handle. In order to support this, iVendi has implemented anti-bribery and whistleblowing policies. All key suppliers undergo security and privacy assessment. 

iVendi is ISO27001 (Information Security) accredited with a UKAS assessor and procedures with regards to information security are maintained to the highest standard. 

Environmental impact of our operations

We seek to comply with current UK environmental legislation and work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment by: 

  • Reducing waste going to landfill by providing in-office recycling facilities for office waste; 
  • Using FSC-certified paper where possible; 
  • Encouraging our employees to reduce energy consumption within the office environment; and 
  • Using energy efficient off-site servers where practicable. 

iVendi uses ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) for guidance on best practice in environmental impact management and we aspire to add this standard to our exiting ISO accreditations. 

Community and charity work

iVendi encourages support for charities and the local community in several ways: 

  • Paid volunteering leave of 2 days/year is available to all employees, to give back to the local community. 
  • iVendi supports Ben - Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund (ben.org.uk) and iVendi staff actively participate in the Ben annual fund-raising events. 
  • iVendi HR maintains close links with local universities to provide support and employment opportunities for local candidates 

Implementation of the ESG Policy

As a minimum, iVendi endeavours to maintain compliance with legislative requirements and active participation and engagement with ESG matters is encouraged at all levels of the business. 

In order to address and monitor improvement initiatives throughout the business, including our key ESG responsibilities, iVendi has implemented, a process of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). OKRs are set and monitored by all teams within iVendi on a quarterly or half yearly basis. 

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