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R&W Motor Company

R&W is one of the UK's leading independent Land Rover dealerships, and stocks luxury brands including Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even Rolls Royce.

With over 30 years in the industry, they now operate a digitally centred service and have incorporated iVendi TRANSACT into their processes.

Case Study - RW MotorCo

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  • Mercland

    Here, Mercland discusses how they have found success with iVendi’s Connected Retailing range and how it allowed them to double their finance penetration.

  • Herts and Essex Van Sales

    We spoke to this family-owned business about the business and how using iVendi CONVERT has allowed them to adapt to rapid changes in the used vehicle market.

  • GT Heritage

    An iVendi customer since 2017, the team at GT Heritage have been using Digital Deals to write almost £900,000 of business since 2020.

  • Draytons

    We spoke to Sales Manager, Jamie Prest, about his business and how recently upgrading to iVendi’s Convert and Transact has helped meet changing used car buyer needs.


    Company Director Felix Reeves tells us about how iVendi Convert & Transact helped his business during lockdowns

  • R&W Motor Company

    Part of the industry for over 30 years R&W have incorporated iVendi Transact as part of their transition into a digitally-centred service

  • Hilton Garage

    Why Hilton Garage sends iVendi's Digital Deal to all leads, both online and in the showroom.

  • J&J Motors

    How J&J Motors had a 78% increase in people purchasing a car after making an online reservation with iVendi Convert & Transact.

  • Driving Cleaner Cars

    How Driving Cleaner Cars used iVendi Transact to build customer confidence, leading to increased VAP online sales.

  • Car Quay

    How Car Quay's finance penetration has increased since using iVendi Transact.

  • Kendrick Cars

    How Kendrick Cars increased efficiency and reduced human error using iVendi Transact.

  • Avenue Car Sales

    How Avenue Car Sales used iVendi's Digital Deal to sell a vehicle to someone 200 miles away.

  • Top Car Inverness

    How Top Car Inverness uses iVendi Transact to successfully sell vehicles wholly online.

  • Redgate Lodge

    How Redgate Lodge was able to include VAPs on 100% of paid out deals using iVendi's Deal Management Platform.

  • Reeds Autos

    How within just 3 months of using iVendi's Digital Deal, Reed Autos had an 87% open rate resulting in 62 application.

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