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At iVendi, we take data security incredibly seriously.

Our policy of using managed detection and response goes far in excess of typical network and data monitoring. We continuously review our systems to detect and neutralise potential threats before they have the chance to become an issue.

Our Accreditations


ISO 27001

Information Security Management Systems


ISO 20000

IT Service Management


ISO 9001

Quality Management Systems

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Cyber Essentials Plus


The standards we set 

Information security and data safety have always been one of iVendi’s core priorities, and the company is built around providing peace of mind for customers, as well as protection from potential infractions.

It’s important that our partners know that they are working with a company that puts data security and compliance at the forefront of all activities, which is backed up by the accreditations we have secured, ensuring we stay on top of our game.

We have a dedicated Information Security and Compliance team to make sure we’re looking ahead and addressing any issues before they arise. We have a robust testing program, including an annual external penetration test, to make sure our business and yours is as protected as it’s possible to be.


Robust data & security

We ensure our platform is as secure as possible

External penetration tests

To prove the security and stability of our platforms, we conduct annual penetration tests with independent providers. Backing up the partnership approach to our working relationships, the results are shared with all lender clients to illustrate the system’s robustness and levels of protection.

Internal vulnerability scanning

On top of the independent testing, we also conduct continuous internal vulnerability scanning and impact assessments, especially around updates and new products, to ensure no vulnerabilities are present across the systems or processes.

Managed Detection and Response

In addition to our own internal monitoring, we have a 24/7 Network Operations Centre continuously monitoring our entire portfolio to detect and neutralise potential threats before they have a chance to impact on client operations.

iVendi Trust Centre Resources

10 point security check

10-point security check

There are times when the cyber threat to an organisation is greater than usual.

Organisations should be ready to move into a heightened state of alert.

Download our 10-point security check to help you respond to a heightened cyber threat.

10 reasons to trust iVendi

10 reasons to trust iVendi

Information security sits at the heart of everything we do.

Download our trust document to see exactly what areas we focus on and learn more about the work we do to keep our business and customer information as secure as possible.

Updated: 30th April 2024

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