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At iVendi, we approach product support a little differently.

It's integral to our customer relationships, and we pride ourselves on our industry-leading levels of support and assistance.

Our support resources are here to help you rapidly resolve any common queries or issues, and our innovative solutions have been supporting our partners and their businesses for more than a decade.

Our Service, at a glance...

Service availability snapshot

January - December 2023

2 billion+

Average number of finance quotes per 24 hours

100 %

Platform Uptime

173 ms

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Who we work with

We work with over 10,000 vehicle retailers, manufacturers, and finance partners across the UK and Europe.

What do our support teams do?


iVendi Client Delivery Centre

In contrast to traditional service delivery, we prefer a more proactive approach where we measure, monitor and trend customer behaviour to pick up on queries or issues, and engage ahead of them developing into a more serious situation. 

Our Client Delivery Centre leads in the area of automotive financial support, providing a collaborative and world-class service that maximises our expertise and resources.

Automated detect-and-resolve features offer a proactive support system that runs across the principles of customer engagement, technological innovation and continuous service improvement. 

IT service management methodologies cement the principle that our services are not only robust, efficient and responsive, but also incredibly adaptive, progressive and notably efficient.



Customer Excellence

Our enhanced Customer Excellence Team, established in 2021, is designed to deliver a world-class experience for every iVendi partner, be it dealer, lender, broker or media company. 

The team’s remit includes onboarding new customers with a comprehensive product training experience to create maximum value from the start, and help existing customers expand their success with additional products to help move their business forward.

The Customer Excellence Team also engages with customer partners and product teams to turn feedback into solutions that improve its products for all clients, as well as building relationships between iVendi and our customer base.

Partner Management Framework

As part of our managed service with our lender partners, iVendi seeks to give full business visibility of service, standards, and results.
The Partner Management Framework provides our strategic partners with detailed reporting across deliverables, dependencies, and objectives.

SLA Performance Review

Regular analysis of performance against contractual Service Level Agreements with an in-depth annual review to ensure we are supportive, and successful in upholding and achieving our service expectations.

Service Availability Report

Live dashboards providing 360-degree visibility of service performance, high-level metrics,  and trends of system availability and uptime.

Support Snapshot

A full analysis of all raised incidents including  onboarding and support services, average response and resolution times and recurrent incidents.

Retailer Activity Report

A collection of dealer activity metrics, web solution statistics and a full product usage review.

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