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Automotive retail is changing

There is no question that customer expectations of automotive retail are changing in the third decade of the 21st century.


Our latest white paper takes a look at how new thinking can help you create the best customer experience online and in the showroom.


The change comes, in part, thanks to the continuing shift towards digital that's happening to retail in general, and in part thanks to new well-funded players in the automotive world who've worked hard to change customer expectations and gain an advantage.

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It all starts with a search

Buying a vehicle starts well before a customer visits your website

Even before the customer reaches your website, search engine results can be used to show what's on offer, and provide the initial spark that makes users click through to your website instead of your competitors.

This paper contains:

  • A search strategy check list
  • Key points on the customer journey
  • A dealers view on search
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Build customer engagement

Engage consumers the moment they find your website

Help consumers find what they're looking for, reinforce their trust in your business by offering a clear path to purchase that engages consumers the second they land on your website.


  • Customers are expecting to be taken straight from search to the products they want.
  • People want to search in different ways, do you cater for budget, location, and needs-based queries?
  • Does your website build trust with your audience? Do you display what they've searched for?

Your starters for six

The questions you should be asking about your customer journey

The white paper also contains a handy starter guide to help you assess your digital journeys.

We've covered our top 6 questions you should be asking yourself when you start to evaluate your digital and physical customer journeys.

What you'll learn:

  • Do I enable my customers to continue the journey with me, physically or online?
  • Is my site working to bring people in to my showroom? How can I get the consumer to the cars they want?
  • Am I doing enough to increase my finance penetration? What can I do to improve my finance performance?

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