The smarter way to search


Sophisticated buyers expect more. Deliver highly targeted, personalised vehicle and finance results based on real-world consumer searches. 


Search for vehicles the way you think about vehicles


Analytics, like you’ve never seen them

Learn how your customers search with comprehensive reporting on your users’ most frequent searches, search terms and more. Built-in search analytics provide impressive insight into what your customers are searching for, from common misspellings to searches for stock you didn’t know you needed. Using keywords rather than prescriptive filters makes it easier to understand specific trends and desires among your customers.


Spend less time searching

Don’t leave your customers waiting. Our search beats the competition in returning highly relevant search results, every time. While other users are searching through lists of features and specifications, Engage rapidly returns a set of relevant vehicle results, so users can quickly find the vehicle they want and move forward in the buying journey.


Modern inventory management

Engage makes it easy to create vehicle adverts from your existing stock using the iVendi Stock Engine. Upload high quality vehicle images and include content that online buyers expect to see, like vehicle imperfections and detailed specifications. Broadcast vehicle adverts across all your online sales channels including marketplaces, websites and digital marketing platforms.

Engage delivers…

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2022

14.5 mil +

Consumer Searches

72 mil +

Million Impressions

51 %

Choose keyword search over filter search

A good customer experience isn’t restrictive.

Don't funnel prospective customers down buying journeys that lock them out of the majority of your stock. 


Engage is a sophisticated search engine that allows consumers to find vehicles using real-world language and context-rich searches like ‘big boot’ or ‘large family car’, returning a broader set of results, showcasing more of your stock, without accidentally ruling out prospective vehicles.

The smart search capabilities of Engage revolutionises the way your customers can search for vehicles, making the discovery experience faster and more accurate, with additional filters built-in to allow more targeted searches including budget and more.

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Personalised vehicle & finance search

iVendi Engage uses intuitive search technology to understand what your customer is looking for before they even know themselves.

Engage delivers highly targeted, personalised search results based on search history, finance and location, returning every vehicle from your stock that meets their combined vehicle and finance needs in a single set of results.


A better search experience

Built with buyers in mind, Engage makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for, whether they know the exact make and model, or only what they need their next vehicle to do.

Focussing entirely on the individual buyer’s needs and preferences, Engage delivers targeted and personalised search results, even if you don’t have an exact match in stock.

No matter which stage of the buying journey a customer has reached, Engage provides all the tools you’ll need to meet their needs, improving the visibility of your stock and giving your buyers more choice than ever before.

Speech to search
Future-proof your user experiences and take advantage of Engage’s built-in voice search capabilities.

Consumers are increasingly integrating smart devices into their lives, changing the way they view traditional routes to market across all digital channels.

Stay ahead of your competition by deploying a system that has already considered what is coming next, as well as what consumers want right now.

Strengthen sales strategies
No vehicle search solution delivers on your sales and marketing strategies like Engage.

Build sales and marketing strategies into the heart of your search function, using Engage’s built-in marketing tools to showcase special offers or promotions on specific vehicles or products.

Meet your sales objectives faster by directing customers to the right part of the sales journey, saving you and the customer time.



Why choose Engage?

How many people know what car they want?

Consumers don’t come to market with a clear picture of what they’re looking for. Research shows that six out of ten car shoppers enter the market unsure of which vehicle to buy.

Are people happy with the vehicle they choose?

Broadening the search results with an innovative and clever platform helps increase buyer satisfaction. According to Autotrader research, up to 85% of car buyers don’t think the car they purchased was the right vehicle for them. Make sure your customers find the vehicle they want easily and effectively.

Why should I care about the online shopping experience?

Consumers are expecting increasing digital engagement, and car retailers are up against the likes of Amazon, John Lewis or eBay, which are rated as the best online shopping experience by around two-thirds of shoppers.

Engage provides a similar retail experience to those giants for your business, incorporating targeted results and lifestyle or feature-based searches into the vehicle retail sector.

How far will customers travel to buy a vehicle?

Technology has opened consumers’ eyes to a wider pool of potential purchases across a much larger area, with the average distance a customer is willing to travel for their next vehicle growing significantly in recent years.

Engage allows visitors to control the radius and location of vehicles they are searching for, putting them in control without the retailer needing to do anything.

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Engage in action

Engage helps consumers find the vehicles they're looking for.

The next step in your sales journey

After your consumers have found their perfect vehicle, make sure you’ve got the right tools on your website to convert them into buyers.

With tools including finance checking, multi-lender comparison, vehicle reservations and more, iVendi Convert generates high-quality finance leads for your sales teams.

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