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Be your customers'
personal shopper

Our smart search technology knows what your customers want before they even search and presents vehicles from your stock based on their individual preferences.

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Shine a light on the way
your customers search

We provide comprehensive reporting on your users' most frequent searches, search terms associated to makes & models and specific insight into what your customer base is looking for.

Fast slow search

Don’t leave your
customers waiting

Our search beats the competition in returning highly relevant search results, every time. In a recent study we discovered that users found relevant vehicles as much as 3x faster than the competition.

What else is included?

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Personalised Vehicle Search
Personalised Finance Search
Intuitive Search Function
Search by Distance
Voice search
Relevancy search
Search Analytics

Why do I need it?

How many people know what car they want? Six out of ten car shoppers enter the market unsure which car to buy.
Are people happy with the car they choose to buy? 85% of car buyers don’t think the car they had purchased was their perfect car.
What are consumers' favourite online shopping experiences? 67% of consumers rate Amazon, John Lewis or Ebay as the best online retail experience. iVendi ENGAGE provides a similar experience on your website with targeted search results and lifestyle search capability.
How far do consumers typically travel? Average distance from consumer to dealership is 41.4 miles. iVendi ENGAGE distance search allows consumers to shop for vehicles based on location.
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The fastest way to find the vehicle your customer really wants

The most sophisticated vehicle & Finance search tool on the market, iVendi ENGAGE is built with buyers in mind, focussing entirely on the buyer’s individual needs and preferences.

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People we work with

Why Work with iVendi?

We think our automotive retailing solutions are world-class. But don’t take our word for it! See what other clients think of our products and platform.

“iVendi has been the reason we have been able to trade so successfully throughout this period of uncertainty.”
Craig Walker Top Car Inverness
“The launch of marks a milestone in our strategy to support our retail partners with highly effective digital solutions. Our platform provides car dealers with a highly attractive sales channel focused on their specific needs while at the same time delivering an exceptional user experience for car buyers. It will, we believe, make a major impact on the dealer motor finance sector and we are looking forward to seeing the results it produces in the months and years to come.”
Dr Hermann Frohnhaus Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe (BDK)
“Our experience with iVendi has been overwhelmingly positive. The product does what it says by delivering additional sales opportunities, while dealing with the company is very straightforward. iVendi’s products are good and clearly created by experts who understand used car retailing. Their support is quick to respond with excellent results.”
Angela Logan Bridgend Motor Group, Independent used car retailer
“We like working with iVendi because they provide everything we need to offer multi-lender online quotations from one source and one system. There is a high level of account management, training and nurturing provided and this helps us achieve what we are looking for – better customer service, higher finance penetration and more sales.”
Gordon Veale CarBase, Car supermarket
“iVendi’s ability to increase finance and overall vehicle sales penetration, is one of iVendi’s core business successes. They identify the key pain-points in the financing journey and have built solutions to help their clients overcome them. Working with iVendi provides a more transparent and accessible financing journey for our customers, meeting and exceeding the standards of other leading consumer retail sites to allow the user to search on their own terms, rather than us asking them to do all of the hard work.”
Jonny Evans Vauxhall Motors, Manufacturer
“iVendi support has been a noticeably strong aspect of the iVendi experience. Working with them has been easy and any issues are quickly rectified. Car Finance Checker has worked exactly as we hoped, with an increase in finance leads prompting an improvement in overall used car sales.”
John Plimmer J&J Motors Group, Independent retailer
“We were looking for a trusted partner to work with us not only to supply a tool for our website but also to help us identify future opportunities. There are high levels of engagement and we see quality lead generation with iVendi’s products. They’re easy to use and enhance the customer journey and their products evolve with changing business needs.”
Peter Haynes Howards Motor Group

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