Online & showroom deal management


iVendi's integrated vehicle sales platform that bridges the gap between your online and showroom sales channels.


Reach your customers wherever they are.

Let buyers start the vehicle buying journey online and structure your deal remotely, giving you the flexibility to complete the transaction digitally or in the showroom, providing a seamless experience throughout.

Designed to reflect how vehicle deals are built in the real world, Transact enables effective e-commerce and functions as a multi-lender finance point of sale system.

Transact at a glance…

Online & Showroom Sales

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2023

49713 +

Digital Deals Sent

31 mil

£31 Million VAPs Sold

1.2 bn

£1.2 Billion Finance Deals

Deal management with a focus on finance


Turn leads into sales

Transact brings the in-showroom experience online, and lets you manage all the complexities of the vehicle buying journey remotely. Build and send a personalised deal to every customer, whether they are online or in the showroom, using the Digital Deal Builder. Construct tailored deals that include vehicle price, finance options, part exchange, value added products, settlement figure and vehicle delivery or collection options to every customer.


Customer self-service

Track customer engagement and allow buyers to apply and buy remotely. The self-serve customer experience allows the buyer to amend quotes and complete key parts of the transaction in the comfort of their own home. Whether the purchase starts as an online order or as a Digital Deal, iVendi Transact features an interactive quoting tool that enables online negotiation between you and your customers while managing the complexities of the sales process.


Sell more add-on products

Increase your profitability when trading remotely by introducing your value added products at an earlier stage in the buying process. Moving in a digital sales direction doesn’t mean those vital extra profit opportunities should be any less valuable. Transact enables retailers to include additional products and services like paint protection, warranties and service plans to every quote, making add-ons an integral part of the purchase.

Innovative Deal Management

Transact is an integrated vehicle sales platform that seamlessly brings together the online and showroom customer experience, offering the same level of service to customers, however they choose to shop.

Transact gives retailers the ability to create bespoke vehicle and finance deals that can be transferred between the online world and the showroom, upselling value-added products and making buying and selling easier for all. 

Learn how to connect your online and showroom customers


Close deals wherever you or your customers are

Transact isn’t just another online sales tool. 

It is an innovative deal management system that allows retailers to progress, manage and close deals online or in the showroom.

Using one powerful system, retailers can manage their online orders, vehicle reservations, online applications and finance checks, as well as progress deals for customers who are in-store.

Transact enables a seamless transition from digital to physical, with buyers able to move as far down the purchase journey online as they like, before switching to a showroom experience where the transaction can be picked up with ease.


Two-way transaction management

A self-service customer experience allows consumers to revise their Digital Deal, choose the right finance product, assess suitability and apply online.

Buyers can set deposit, term, and mileage options to arrive at an affordable monthly payment. They can review the deal’s features, customise elements of the deal and communicate with the retailer on any aspect of the offer, enabling remote negotiation to occur. 

Transact keeps you in control, able to propose finance offers and attach warranties and insurance, while giving the consumer the tools to consider and finalise the process in a time and space that suits them.


Enhance the showroom experience

Unlock even greater operational efficiencies in your showroom by augmenting the physical sales process with Transact’s digital tools.

Manage deals from customers who start the buying journey online, or facilitate the whole deal in-showroom.

Transact lets you manage customer records and monitor lender updates from your entire panel of lenders, all from a single platform. Use the Quick Quote feature to quickly quote finance products for customers in your showroom, assign new leads to sales staff, progress finance checks, arrange vehicle reservations, take online orders and much more.

Transact gives you all the tools you need to manage the entire sales process from start to finish.

Multi-lender with auto submission

Cater to all consumer credit profiles and increase your approval rate by adding a diverse lender panel to iVendi Transact.

Spend less time rekeying rejected finance applications and re-propose applications to other lenders in your panel in just a few clicks. 

Functioning as a multi-lender point of sale system, Transact lets retailers quote, propose and submit finance to their entire panel of lenders from one system, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Turn on instant decisioning for even quicker results. Retailers are kept informed at every step of the process, receiving lender updates that enable them to contact customers at the right moment.

Modern inventory management

Manage your vehicle inventory from iVendi Transact, and create great quality engaging content to convert an online audience. 

The iVendi Stock Engine is an inventory management solution that lets you upload great content for your stock and broadcast that across all online destinations including your website, classified marketplaces and digital PPC channels.

The iVendi Stock Engine still works, even If you already have an inventory management system. Unlock greater functionality and include key content necessary for online sales, including vehicle imperfections, attention grabbers and high-value specifications.

The Stock Engine also proactively checks for data conflicts in vehicle identification records, notifying retailers of any potential issues. Records can be reviewed and amended in just a few clicks.


Why choose Transact?

Keep your customer data safe

Built on a foundation of security and compliance, Transact’s Consumer Hub ensures data is kept safe through every step of the buying journey.
The Consumer Hub is a secure transactional portal where consumers can manage and progress their online orders and Digital Deals, complete online finance applications, purchase added extras and arrange the delivery or collection of the vehicle.
A fully transparent audit trail of all transactional activity protects consumers and retailers against any potential compliance infractions.

Can Transact manage the complexities involved in selling a vehicle?

Nearly 70% of vehicle sales require a degree of complex negotiations. Transact is built to overcome these complications with innovative solutions that manage all the complexities of vehicle sales including part exchange, negative equity, finance, and add-on products.

How many customers really shop for vehicles online?

Well over half of car purchases now begin with an online search. While some buyers are happy to continue their purchase online, some will want to transition to a showroom experience at some point. Transact caters to 100% of buyers; those who want to buy entirely online, those who prefer the traditional showroom experience, and everyone in between.

How do car buyers typically shop for vehicles?

The acceleration toward transacting digitally in many areas of life has brought about a more diverse customer base for retailers. This has manifested itself into three main groups - Online Buyers, In Person Shoppers and Channel Hoppers. Transact is designed to cater to all consumers - those more comfortable buying online, those who prefer the showroom, and everyone in between.  Find out more about the changing retail environment. 

The next step in your sales journey

After your consumers have found their perfect vehicle, make sure you’ve got the right tools on your website to convert them into buyers.

With tools including finance checking, multi-lender comparison, vehicle reservations and more, iVendi Convert generates high-quality finance leads for your sales teams.

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