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How to meet customer needs online - Top 4 Top Tips

Aug 18, 2021

Top 4 Top Tips

Big changes are coming in the automotive world, especially from the increasingly tech savvy consumer. As a user of the iVendi Connected Retailing platform, how can you make sure your customers' needs are met from the first point of contact?

We've rounded up our top 4 top tips for interacting with customers online.

  1. Send personalised quotes.
    Give your consumers the personalised showroom experience online, by sending a quote that's bespoke to them, meeting all their individual needs. Using iVendi's Digital Deal feature you can send a personalised deal to every potential buyer that includes additional products and services like warranties and service plans, and incorporates their part exchange offer and settlement figures.

  2. Maintain control of your digital sales process.
    Too much change can be unsettling, and can also cause disruptions to a business. Moving your sales strategy online doesn't mean you have to change your sales process. TRANSACT, the innovative deal management system from iVendi, maintains consistency between your online and in-person sales processes, allowing you to maintain control whichever way you trade.

  3. Allow consumers to self-serve.
    As self serve platforms become more popular, people have come to expect a customer journey that makes them feel involved at every step of their journey. The self-service customer experience built in to the iVendi Connected Retailing platform allows buyers to interact with you, amending quotes and completing key parts of the transaction from the comfort of their own home.

  4. You don't have to be in the showroom to sell a vehicle.
    The way business is done is continuing to change to meet consumer habits and needs, and you're not always going to be able to maintain a showroom presence at all times. iVendi's TRANSACT empowers you to manage all the complexities of the vehicle buying journey remotely, serving your customers wherever you are.

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