Revolutionising Motor Retail: iVendi Launches Connect API Suite for Enterprise-Level Businesses

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iVendi has unveiled its latest innovation: Connect, a comprehensive suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) aimed at major motor retail businesses. This innovative solution is set to redefine the way motor retail businesses operate, transforming the customer experience and streamlining operations like never before.


The Target Audience: Major Players in Motor Retail

Designed with the largest motor retail businesses in mind, including banks, motor finance providers, media companies, and large dealer groups, Connect represents a shift towards enhancing enterprise-level operations. These industry giants demand a level of flexibility and customisability that aligns seamlessly with their existing infrastructure. Darren Sinclair, Chief Commercial Officer at iVendi, affirms, “Connect means we become the seamlessly integrated back office that complements the front-end user experience they have carefully developed over time to maintain and reflect their unique brand identity.”


Empowering Customer Decision-Making

The crown jewel of Connect lies in its advanced finance tools for customers, accessible through the integrated APIs. Real-time quotes, monthly payment calculations, and finance eligibility checks are now at customers' fingertips, equipping them with the information needed to make swift, well-informed decisions. In an era where time is of the essence, Connect's features enable customers to navigate the car-buying journey with confidence.

But it doesn't stop there. Businesses utilising Connect can further enrich their offerings by providing real-time application status updates, processing both individual and corporate finance applications seamlessly, and even offering payment searches to display monthly prices on vehicle search results. This comprehensive package empowers businesses to create a user experience that resonates with today's savvy consumers.


Technology for Conversion and Satisfaction

Darren emphasises, “Whether businesses are looking to provide real-time finance quotes or streamline the loan application process, the technology we are providing through Connect empowers them to enhance their offering with cutting-edge technology that is proven to drive conversion and consumer satisfaction rates.”

The ultimate goal is to foster a clear understanding of financial commitments among customers, enabling them to make choices aligned perfectly with their budget and preferences. The power of informed decision-making lies at the core of Connect's philosophy.


Adaptable and Efficient Implementation

iVendi is no stranger to catering to enterprise-level clients. Connect has been meticulously crafted to be seamlessly integrated into the operations of businesses of this magnitude. Drawing from over a decade of experience working with diverse clients, ranging from multinational banks to market-leading media companies, iVendi has leveraged its wealth of knowledge to create an API suite that can be implemented with speed and precision.

What sets Connect apart is its ability to eliminate the need for painstakingly designing specialised interfaces for each client. Instead, Connect allows for rapid yet effective integration. Darren adds, “We can now put solutions in place in just a few months, even for the very largest companies operating on an international basis.” This accelerated implementation process translates to quicker returns on investment and a faster-paced innovation cycle.


What’s Available?

With our API solutions, you can easily integrate our powerful tools into your systems to enhance the customer experience, drive conversions and streamline operations.

  1. Stock API: The Stock API provides access to all information about stock items that are held in the iVendi platform. This information is required to build an engaging webpage about a specific vehicle.
  2. Payment Search API: Access monthly prices to allow filtering and display on search results, ensuring customers have visibility into affordable payment options. 
  3. Quoting API: The Quoting API allows you to retrieve quotes for new or used vehicles based on a set of parameters. You can specify ranges for terms, deposits, and mileage to display on your user interface to tailor your user journeys with accurate and personalised quotes.
  4. Finance Checking API: Determine the suitability of customers for finance options efficiently and effectively without conducting a hard credit search with instant finance checks.
  5. Finance Application API: Submit vehicle finance applications for personal vehicle purchases and commercial vehicles and fleets, saving time and effort and enabling you to extend your finance services to corporate clients.
  6. Lender Product Content API: Retrieve lender-specific product information and suitability questions, enhancing your understanding of available financing options. Provide accurate and comprehensive details to customers, improving decision-making.

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A New Era in Motor Retail

As iVendi's Connect API Suite takes centre stage, the motor retail industry stands on the brink of a new era. With customer empowerment, operational efficiency, and adaptability at its core, Connect is poised to revolutionise how major motor retail businesses engage with their customers and manage their operations. The convergence of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise is set to reshape the landscape and inspire new standards of excellence across the sector.


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