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Unlock the power of automotive finance technology

iVendi Connect is a revolutionary API solution designed to seamlessly integrate our industry-leading functionality into your enterprise applications. With iVendi Connect, you can harness the full potential of our robust automotive finance tools while maintaining your own unique user interface and brand identity.

Our enterprise partners require a flexible and customisable solution that aligns perfectly with your existing infrastructure. That's why we have developed iVendi Connect, allowing you to tap into our state-of-the-art automotive finance capabilities without compromising on the user experience you've meticulously crafted.

Our platform at a glance…

We keep on delivering

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2022

2.1 bn

£2.1 Billion Vehicle Sales

The iVendi platform helped our retail partners make over £2.1 billion in vehicle sales.

34 mil

£34 Million VAPs Sold

We've helped retailers sell over £34 million of value-added products including dealer guarantees, warranties, paint protection and much more.

18 bn

18 Billion Online Finance Quotes

Over 18 billion online finance quotes were generated through the iVendi platform for more than 24 financial lenders.

Cutting-edge automotive finance technology

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Seamless Integration

Integrate our automotive finance functionality into your existing enterprise applications. Maintain your own user interface while leveraging the power of our robust API solution.

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Comprehensive Finance Tools

Advanced finance features including real-time quotes, monthly payment calculations, and finance eligibility checks provide customers with the information to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

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Customisable Solutions

Tailor the iVendi Connect experience to match your brand identity. Personalise the look and feel of the user interface, ensuring a cohesive and seamless experience for your customers.

Power your automotive finance

With iVendi Connect, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of automotive finance features, all easily accessible through a seamless integration. Whether you're looking to provide real-time finance quotes or streamline the loan application process, iVendi Connect empowers you to enhance your offering with industry-leading tools that drive conversion and customer satisfaction.

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What's available?

With our API solution, you can easily integrate our powerful tools into your systems to enhance the customer experience, drive conversions, and streamline operations.


The Stock API provides access to all information about stock items that are held in the iVendi platform. This information is required to build an engaging webpage about a specific vehicle.

In addition to the Stock API, we can also offer Stock Feed and Stock Broadcast integrations. The stock feed integration allows us to import vehicle stock from various providers. Once the vehicle information has been enriched and validated in the iVendi platform, the stock broadcast integration allows us to share this information with other sources, typically marketplaces.

iVendi Stock API and Integrations support:

  • Vehicle Details
  • Retailer Details
  • Marketing elements (images, videos, attention grabbers)
  • Stock Feed Integration
  • Stock Broadcasting
  • Industry standard and bespoke formats
  • Taxonomy integrations
  • Vehicle data enrichment and validation

Payment Search

Access monthly prices to allow filtering and display on search results, ensuring customers have visibility into affordable payment options. 

iVendi Payment Search API supports:

  • Minimum / Maximum monthly payment
  • Deposit
  • Term
  • Credit Tier (for risk-based pricing)


The Quoting API allows you to retrieve quotes for new or used vehicles based on a set of parameters. You can specify ranges for terms, deposits, and mileage to display on your user interface to tailor your user journeys with accurate and personalised quotes.

Our Quoting API can be configured to retrieve representative examples for retailers that have been set in the iVendi Platform. This provides consumers with clear and transparent finance examples, fostering trust and informed decision-making.

The Quoting API also gives you access to our Universal Quoting Tool which eliminates the difficulties of using different technology in different territories, streamlines the process of integrating various lending criteria, and manages vehicle identifier codes across different countries. 

iVendi’s quoting system can be used from 3rd party tools also, allowing iVendi quoting functionality to be surfaced in existing CRM platforms. This integration can be done by API or widget.

Enhancements to the Quoting API include explanations of terms, terms and conditions, lender product content, and comprehensive information to support customers' understanding.

iVendi integrations with over 60 lender brands for quoting.

iVendi Quoting API supports:

  • Product Types: Hire Purchase, Conditional Sales, Hire Purchase with Balloon, Personal Contract Purchase and Motor Loan
  • Finance Deposit Allowances
  • Representative Example
  • Value Added Products (VAPs)
  • Online and Showroom
  • Override of Rate, commission, RV/balloon,
  • Known and unknown vehicles
  • Part-Exchange
  • Tax
  • Cash Back
  • Negative Equity
  • Credit Tier for Risk-based Pricing

Finance Checking

Determine the suitability of customers for finance options efficiently and effectively without conducting a hard credit search with instant finance checks.

The Finance Checking API supports finance pre-qualification and drives high levels of acceptance rates by integrating with credit bureaus and applying rules to gain a high confidence view of the eligibility of the consumer for various lender products.

iVendi Finance Checking API supports:

  • Pre-Qualification RAG status
  • Real-time results

Finance Applications

Submit vehicle finance applications for personal vehicle purchases and commercial vehicles and fleets, saving time and effort and enabling you to extend your finance services to corporate clients.

Our streamlined process allows partially completed applications to be saved and returned to later.

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of applications with internal validation before submitting them to lenders and build bespoke application forms for lenders using our schemas.

Webhooks allow status updates from lenders to be pushed to your systems in real time. Stay connected and informed, ensuring timely actions and seamless communication with partners.

The Application API can be configured with auto-submission for lenders who offer this capability.

iVendi integrates with over 25 lenders for submission. Using our Transact multi-lender finance point of sale, applications can easily be re-submitted to the same, or different lenders.

iVendi Applications API supports:

  • Application form builder
  • Personal finance applications
  • Corporate finance applications
  • Application submission
  • Real-time application updates from lenders via webhooks
  • Pre-validation
  • Application Status

Lender Product Content

Retrieve lender-specific product information and suitability questions, enhancing your understanding of available financing options. Provide accurate and comprehensive details to customers, improving decision-making.

Lenders must prove that they have sufficient oversight of the sale of their products to comply with Consumer Duty regulations. Incorporating information that has been provided and approved by the specific lender for their into the consumer journey, explaining the differences and benefits of each finance product, ensure that products are being introduced properly and consistently and that the customer understands it before proceeding.

Lender Product Content is provided by and approved by each specific lender for their individual finance products.

iVendi Lender Product Content API supports:

  • Consumer Duty requirements
  • Lender product information
  • Lender product videos
  • Lender suitability questions
  • Signposting to lender support resources
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The Perfect Partnership

Partner with iVendi Connect and revolutionise your automotive finance capabilities while maintaining control over your user experience. Join our network of enterprise partners who have already transformed their customer journey with our cutting-edge technology.

By becoming a part of our network of enterprise partners, you'll gain access to cutting-edge technology that is reshaping the automotive finance industry. Say goodbye to outdated processes and hello to a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric approach to vehicle financing.

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Enhanced customer experience

An enhanced customer experience is the key to driving success in the automotive industry. That's why we've designed our API solution to empower your customers with the tools they need to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Say goodbye to confusing and time-consuming processes – with our advanced features, such as monthly payment calculations and finance eligibility checks, the buying process becomes a breeze. Your customers will have a clear understanding of their financial commitments, enabling them to make choices that align perfectly with their budget and preferences.

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Drive conversions 

By integrating iVendi Connect, you can increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth. Integrating our cutting-edge technology into your existing systems to enable your customers to explore financing options effortlessly, providing them with a seamless journey from start to finish.

Our API solution empowers your customers with an unparalleled financing experience, leading to increased engagement, satisfaction, and, most importantly, conversions. Elevate your business with iVendi Connect.

Enterprise-level Support

We prioritise your success and aim to keep your systems running smoothly around the clock. Our comprehensive support framework and proactive monitoring ensure that your operations remain efficient and error-free at all times.

Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to provide rapid assistance and resolve any queries or issues you may encounter. Additionally, our synthetic tests simulate real-world scenarios, guaranteeing that all systems function flawlessly as they should.

Security Tabbed Module
Security & Compliance

Rest easy knowing that we adhere to the highest industry standards for data privacy and security. We prioritise protecting your customers' sensitive information.

When it comes to security, iVendi stands at the forefront. Our authorisation and regulation by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, our certification on the Financial Services Qualification System, and our ISO 27001 accreditation demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding your data and delivering an exceptional level of privacy and security.

Our compliance with regulatory requirements demonstrates our dedication to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for our clients and customers.

The iVendi Guarantee

Our commitment to your success is grounded in our iVendi Guarantee, built upon seven foundational principles that drive our every endeavour. With a focus on Security, Support, Compliance, Insight, Service, Training, and Testing, we ensure that your experience with our products and services exceeds expectations at every turn.

No matter which product or service you buy with us, you will get the highest levels of customer service, service availability, security and compliance, with complimentary training on all our products to make sure our partners get the best value.

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Why choose iVendi Connect?

Enhanced Conversion Rates

By integrating iVendi Connect, you enable your customers to explore financing options seamlessly, resulting in increased conversions and higher customer satisfaction.

Focus on Finance

Access our industry-leading suite of automotive finance tools and features, all through a single API integration. From real-time finance quotes to streamlined loan applications, we provide the functionality you need to enhance your offering.

Compliance Included

We know that meeting and keeping up with new financial regulations can be quite a challenge. And the right technology can help automotive dealers and lenders deliver good outcomes for customers and help them meet their regulatory requirements.

That's why our finance journey includes compliance features throughout the process to help deliver good outcomes for consumers and help lenders and retailers deliver on the cross-cutting rules and expected outcomes of the FCA regulations. 

Want to know more about how our finance journey supports a compliant sales process?

Consumer Duty Compliance

Build Your Brand

With iVendi Connect, you can maintain consistency and control over your user interface. Seamlessly blend our powerful capabilities with your own design and branding elements, ensuring a cohesive and customised experience for your customers.

Instant Access to Financing Options

Gain instant access to a wide range of financing options right within your platform. Consumers can explore various loan terms, interest rates, and payment plans with just a few clicks.

Easy Implementation

Enjoy a hassle-free implementation process. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, and our team of experts will be there every step of the way to support you.

Better Buying Journeys

Simplify the path to purchase for your customers. With iVendi Connect, they can easily explore different financing scenarios, compare offers, and make well-informed decisions all within your platform.

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The next step in your sales journey

Unlock the potential of automotive finance technology with iVendi Connect today.

Contact our team to learn more about how our API solution can transform your enterprise and drive success in the automotive finance space.


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