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Enterprise-level vehicle and financial services retailing platform built to meet your specific requirements.

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End-to-end vehicle retailing technology.

iVendi’s enterprise-level solutions provide high-quality vehicle and financial services retailing tools that seamlessly connect your business to consumers and put your vehicles at the heart of the transaction. 

We work with multiple national and international lenders and manufacturers to deliver digital strategies from innovative online marketplaces to new financial products, that provide the flexibility to help you meet your business goals.

A complete vehicle retailing platform


Advancing technology in the industry

iVendi’s suite of cutting-edge solutions and digital technology sit at the heart of vehicle retail and vehicle financing. We connect manufacturers, lenders, and retailers to consumers in a single, end-to-end vehicle buying journey. The iVendi platform is used by over 8,000 businesses and generates over 1 million quotes every day.


A better search experience

The smart search engine delivers more intelligent results for customers that aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for. Search terms such as ‘fast coupe’ or ‘family car’ will deliver a more impressive set of results than traditional facet search, giving customers the chance to view the widest range of suitable stock.


Bespoke deals - right to your customers’ inbox

Our innovative Digital Deal feature enables retailers to send personalised quotes to all customers, giving them the chance to consider and even complete the transaction at a time and place that suits them. Additional products and services from service plans to extended warranties can be built into the quote at the beginning of the buyer journey, increasing the chance of upsell and improving finance penetration.

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Take a look at BDK and their marketplace

What we built for BDK

BDK is a German subsidiary of Societe Generale, who commissioned the development of, a vehicle marketplace that promotes the vehicles available through their retailer network, with interactive finance offers built-in to each vehicle proposition. lets users search for lifestyle requirements, such as large boot space, economical, long-range EV, or simply by searching for the type of vehicle, be it make or model.

Users don't need to be experts or remember various makes and models, which is a requirement in Germany's existing marketplaces.

The marketplace also works for retailers, letting them set individual customer finance rates based on the age of the vehicle and the finance product.


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The launch of marks a milestone in our strategy to support our retail partners with highly effective digital solutions. It will, we believe, make a major impact on the dealer motor finance sector, and we are looking forward to seeing the results it produces in the months and years to come.

Dr Hermann Frohnhaus Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe (BDK)

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Our platform at a glance…

We keep on delivering

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2022

2.1 bn

£2.1 Billion Vehicle Sales

The iVendi platform helped our retail partners make over £2.1 billion in vehicle sales.

34 mil

£34 Million VAPs Sold

We've helped retailers sell over £34 million of value-added products including dealer guarantees, warranties, paint protection and much more.

18 bn

18 Billion Online Finance Quotes

Over 18 billion online finance quotes were generated through the iVendi platform for more than 24 financial lenders.

Making more for MotoNovo

Find and Fund My Car

MotoNovo is one of the UK's largest independent vehicle finance lenders and has been partnered with iVendi for a number of years.

Together, we built, one of the UK's largest online used vehicle marketplaces.

Find and Fund integrates the whole vehicle buying journey into a single marketplace, with products uploaded by national dealerships, integrated directly into MotoNovo's finance environment. lets consumers search for vehicles using various criteria, connecting them directly to retailers in their area, and managing the entire finance journey from start to finish.

Check out find and fund my car

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Changing the vehicle retail landscape

iVendi has created the optimum omni-channel retail solution for vehicles and financial services, built to guide consumers seamlessly and transparently through all stages of the vehicle buying journey.

Flexible and adaptable approach

We will work with you in a way that suits your business needs and goals.

Whether you are looking for a fully connected retailing platform that enables end-to-end e-commerce or online tools that fit into your existing website, we have solutions ready to work with your current tech stack.

Our open integrations plug into your systems. Be it bespoke enterprise suites, or off-the-shelf digital retailing tools, we’ve got a solution that will augment and enhance your existing technology, and improve your capabilities.

More than a marketplace

iVendi delivers a complete connected retailing experience, bringing together every aspect of the vehicle buying journey into a single, scalable platform that enables full end-to-end vehicle retailing.

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Security guaranteed

Security is at the heart of all iVendi products. We are authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, certified on the Financial Services Qualification System and have achieved ISO 27001 accreditation.

Privacy and security are top priorities, and are a core part of ensuring the right finance products are presented to the digital consumer throughout the vehicle buying journey.

Visit the iVendi Trust Centre.

Find and Finance with ease

Innovative smart search technology allows consumers to find the perfect vehicle in record time, delivering results based on keywords or phrases.

Shoppers can specify their finance requirements, seeing only results relevant to their combined vehicle and finance preferences.

The platform then allows prospective customers to check eligibility, compare multiple finance products, and apply for finance across a panel of lenders.

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Sophisticated onboarding & support

We deliver a complete SaaS solution, working as a strategic partner with our enterprise customers.

Our partners benefit from a full onboarding process, comprehensive training and a 24/7 support service to ensure your platform is always online.

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