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Vehicle retailing solutions built for big ambitions

Deliver your digital strategies with vehicle retailing technology that modernises your sales processes and improves your buying journey.
Online Solutions

Online Solutions

Build online experiences that incorporate the power of smart technology, generating highly-qualified leads from consumers who are ready to buy.

Showroom Solutions

Showroom Solutions

Supercharge your showroom with buying experiences that connect online and in-person sales, improve operational efficiency and make buying easier.


Enterprise-level Online Solutions


Unlock the power of automotive finance

iVendi Connect combines our expertise in automotive finance with your distinctive branding and user experience. Unlock the full power of our comprehensive suite of automotive finance tools through our powerful API solution that integrates perfectly with your existing systems, aligning our functionality with your brand and design to enhance your offering with industry-leading tools that drive conversion and customer satisfaction

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Bespoke marketplaces put you at the heart of the vehicle sales process

Provide a platform for your retailer network to showcase their stock and advertise their vehicles nationwide, with integrated search and finance technology that makes buying easier, and keeps consumers engaged at every stage.

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Out-of-the-box automotive and finance e-commerce solution

Manage the sales journey from search to sale with iVendi WebShops.

Optimised to increase online conversions, WebShops come with all the tools needed to sell vehicles online. Create highly engaging content, track conversions, and tailor the buying experience to your business and your customers.

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The smarter way to search

Based on real-world search terminology, Engage helps consumers find their perfect vehicle in minutes.

Intuitive search technology delivers vehicle & finance search results faster than traditional filtered search, showcasing more stock, more quickly, to the right buyers.


Lead generation tools

Turn consumer interest into high-quality sales and finance leads.

Allow prospective consumers to progress the purchasing journey from the comfort of their own homes, with strategic calls to action that both inform the consumer and capture their interest.

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Enterprise-level Showroom Solutions


Innovative deal management 

Close deals from a distance with an integrated sales platform that connects online and showroom sales processes.

Create sales journeys that effortlessly transition customers from your digital channels into your in-person experiences.

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What we built for BDK

BDK is a German subsidiary of Societe Generale, who commissioned the development of, a vehicle marketplace that promotes the vehicles available through their retailer network, with interactive finance offers built-in to each vehicle proposition. lets users search for lifestyle requirements, such as large boot space, economical, long-range EV, or simply by searching for the type of vehicle, be it make or model.

Users don't need to be experts or remember various makes and models, which is a requirement in Germany's existing marketplaces.

The marketplace also works for retailers, letting them set individual customer finance rates based on the age of the vehicle and the finance product.


Enterprise - Take a look at JUHU.AUTO-01

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