We will delve into what vehicle buyers really want from retailers at Car Dealer Live 2024



At Car Dealer Live on March 7th, 2024, we'll delve into the details of our latest white paper Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Retail, looking at what vehicle buyers specifically want from retailers in their online shopping journey, and how they feel about online vs showroom. 

For this research, we commissioned a survey of 1,000 used vehicle buyers and conducted detailed interviews to grasp the preferences of the 2023 used vehicle buyer. CEO James Tew shared insights on the upcoming event with Car Dealer Live, stating:

‘Our white paper will cover five key trends in online motor retail.

‘We surveyed 1,000 used car buyers and as part of that carried out some detailed interviews to give a 360 degree view of omni channel retailing.’

Since the pandemic, car dealers are now commonly operating a hybrid on and off-line sales strategy. Some dealers let customers complete all of the car buying process online, while others offer just parts. This research will explain which bits of the process car buyers really like doing online.

He added: ‘We have broken it down into five key elements, firstly, looking at the consumer’s view towards online retailing. 

‘We looked at the impact of offering modes of finance to drive sales… and at consumer preferences with regards to each stage of the sales process. 

‘We’ve compared online versus showroom. Who wins? Well, again, that is really interesting.’

Watch out for us at Car Dealer Live. We will be on stage at 14:15, supported by Scott Selby from Redgate Lodge, giving his view of our research from a dealership perspective. 

If you can't make it to the event, you can pre-register for our complimentary white paper, "Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Retail"

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