Delivering the best online customer experience - Top 4 Top Tips

Consumers have changed how they interact with retailers across the board and many are now shifting to an online-first preference when they embark on the vehicle buying journey.

Making sure you provide the right online experience can be the difference between a successful sale and losing a customer to a competitor.

We've rounded up our top 4 top tips for delivering the best online experience to your customers

  1. Take the showroom experience online, with online retailing.
    The vehicle buying journey is complex and requires much more sophistication than a simple shopping basket can provide. With iVendi TRANSACT, you can cater to all the complexities of the vehicle buying journey from price negotiation and part exchange, to finance and negative equity, even upselling value-added products and services.


  2. Allow customers to self-serve key parts of the journey.
    Save time and cost by allowing your customers to self-serve key parts of the finance journey. The iVendi Digital Deal tool is an interactive quoting tool that enables online negotiation between you and your customers. Our self-serve customer experience allows the buyer to amend quotes and complete key parts of the transaction in the comfort of their own home.


  3. Put security front and centre.
    The iVendi Consumer Hub is a secure transaction portal built into our products where your customers can manage and progress their digital deals, monitor any finance check, progress their finance applications and more. Built on a foundation of security and compliance, the Consumer Hub protects you and your customers against potential compliance infractions.


  4. Give consumers complimentary services.
    You can set up Vehicle Delivery as a complimentary add-on in the iVendi platform.
    If you’re offering Click & Delivery as part of your digital or remote sales process, set up Vehicle Delivery as an added extra. This can then be included with any quote you send, including your Digital Deals.


We hope our top tips for delivering the best online customer experience are helpful.

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