Why dealers need to take smartphones ever more seriously

The importance of maximising the usability of dealer web sites on smartphones has been underlined by new figures from iVendi.

They show that while the number of used car buyers using a laptop to access web sites is almost unchanged from a year ago, there has been a marked swing away from tablets to smartphones.

At the start of 2017, smartphones accounted for 66% of site visits and tablets for 10%, this has now shifted to 69% and 7% respectively. These figures are taken from visits to dealer web sites that use iVendi online motor retail technology.

James Tew, CEO, said: “This is very much about the increase in popularity of larger screen smartphones and especially the iPhone X and other Plus models, which are having a measurable impact. For this reason, tablets are falling away.

“What it does underline is that dealers need to ensure that the functionality of their web sites and their entire online motor retail experience is nothing less than superb.

“The fact is that, in 2018, the mobile is the online retail tool of choice and that applies as much to cars as it does to books, clothing or any other purchase.”