Why a finance calculator is step number one in selling cars online

It was very interesting to see the recent survey from the Independent Motor Dealers Association (IMDA) revealing that six out of 10 of their members have an online finance calculator on their web site.

Or, perhaps more tellingly, four out of 10 don’t have one.

While the survey shows similar results to our own research in this area, it is still surprising to us that there are any dealers at all who don’t have some form of finance calculator.

The fact is that a finance calculator is step number one in the journey towards genuinely becoming a genuine online retailer of cars. It is the simplest and most effective way to engage a potential buyer who likes the look of a car on your web site.

Why? Well, empowering the customer to look at your finance products and arrive at a solution that meets their needs turns the car they desire from being an aspiration into a potential reality. It shows them how that vehicle can be affordable.

By contrast, dealers who don’t have an online calculator are turning their web sites into a dead end. Unless a customer proactively chooses to contact you about a vehicle, there is no way for them to progress towards buying it.

Our message to those four out 10 dealers is simple. You need to adopt a finance calculator. Offering one will provide a massive boost to your online presence and simply, help you sell more cars, many of them on finance.

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Richard Tavernor, COO