Improved lead generation from Rapid RTC integration

A new integration between iVendi and RAPID RTC means improved lead generation and management for a wide range of dealers.

Those using iVendi’s omni-channel platform to generate leads and RAPID RTC to manage them now benefit from a smooth exchange of information between the two systems, avoiding the need for rekeying and other manual processes.

Dealer group Harwoods, which has 18 dealerships in the Home Counties, was the first customer for the technology and have been using it since February. It is now being made available as an additional service to dealers who use Rapid and iVendi.

James Tew, CEO at iVendi, said: “iVendi and RAPID RTC systems are used alongside each other in many different dealerships and integrating them comprehensively in this manner will bring very real benefits for all of them.”

Pontus Riska, VP Sales and Support at RAPID RTC added: “This integration makes absolute sense, enabling the two systems to be used to make all lead handling across the dealership much easier and more efficient.”

At Harwood’s Group, Group Transaction and Financial Services Manager, Martin Kay, said that the initial results from the integration had been promising.

“These two systems form the core of our lead generation and management infrastructure and this integration is helping our dealer staff access a wide range of efficiencies that ultimately increase the chances of a successful sale.”