iVendi's New Customer Excellence Team Delivers Results


A new department focussed on providing enhanced customer service is already producing impressive results at iVendi.

The Customer Excellence team replaces the previous Client Services function and has been created to deliver a world-class experience for everyone that works with iVendi, whether a dealer, lender, broker or media company.

Its tasks include bringing new customers onboard and providing comprehensive product training to create maximum value from day one, as well as providing the same level of expert service for existing customers that buy into a new product.

The team also liaises with customers and product teams to provide valuable feedback that will enable iVendi to enhance its solutions, as well as playing a key role in building relationships with all important third parties.

There are three people in the team, all of whom have over 11 years combined experience working with iVendi customers - Rhian McNicholas, Customer Excellence Team Leader; and Lucy Kibble and Georgia Stafford, both Customer Excellence Specialists. All have received promotions to join the new team and are undergoing an upskilling process to ensure they have the necessary product and service expertise to enable them to deliver high-quality outcomes.

Rhian explained: “Working alongside iVendi’s account management and sales teams, we see ourselves as the third component in terms of how the company interacts with the outside world but with a very distinctive focus.

“We are all about delivering a great customer experience and are already seeing some excellent results. We’ve gained several five-star reviews and even had compliments sent to our COO. It’s an excellent start.”