iVendi and ATG Announce New Collaboration

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Automotive Transformation Group (ATG), which will  enable dealers to offer an advanced consumer journey online and in the showroom in order to drive higher conversion rates.

In this exciting collaboration, thousands of motor retailers using ATG's NetDirector® Auto-e platform will now be able to benefit from our Consumer Duty-compliant tools. These include comprehensive features like full multi-lender finance quoting, applications and proposals, form validation, lender product content, monthly payment calculations, and finance eligibility checks.

This partnership has become a reality thanks to our recently introduced Connect solution. This comprehensive suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) empowers enterprise-level businesses to seamlessly and swiftly integrate our technology into their established systems. This integration opens up new possibilities, enriches customer experiences, and fuels overall growth.

Richard Tavernor, our COO, said: “Connect is all about making our latest technology available to the largest customers in the easiest-to-adopt package. ATG is our first major partnership for the product and integrates our finance tools seamlessly, enabling a first-class user experience for their customers. For dealers, it really feels like using a single system, whether offering our tools in the showroom or online.

“Ultimately, this collaboration brings together two market leaders, providing an enhanced solution for a wide range of dealers.”

Tim Smith, CEO at ATG, highlighted his company’s dedication to open working relationships and integrations, stating: “This partnership demonstrates ATG’s commitment to collaborating with the leading technology providers in the sector. It represents an important next step in delivering advanced finance capabilities to our NetDirector® Auto-e users and a new dimension to our Fusion suite that we believe will significantly enhance conversion rates for dealers.

“Importantly, iVendi’s technology allows this to be done within a highly compliant infrastructure that incorporates the latest thinking in Consumer Duty, which is a key consideration for any motor finance customer journey today.”

We look forward to working with ATG and their dealer network moving forward.