iVendi appoints two new VPs to support continued growth

Two new VPs have been appointed at iVendi to support our continued growth ambitions and to further develop our tech teams, so our products remain on the cutting edge of automotive retail.

The appointments mean our development teams now have established leadership, and can continue to develop and grow on their own, tackle projects with more autonomy and present employees with greater opportunities for personal and professional development.


Dale Reed has been named our new VP of Product Management and will be working with people across iVendi to build a long-term roadmap that will deliver our growth plans, both in the UK and Europe. Dale will also be improving our product processes, ensuring everything we release to our customers has the highest possible value.

Dale has a wealth of experience, having spent 30 years working in IT, starting as a software engineer specialising in data aggregation and business intelligence before moving into product management. For the last decade, Dale has been building telematics solutions designed to help understand driver behaviour.

We caught up with Dale who said: “iVendi is quickly expanding both in terms of opportunities and people, and we need a product roadmap that aligns with the business’s vision and strategy alongside good discovery, research, and refinement processes. This will help smooth the path as the company further scales up to support its SME and enterprise clients.

“Understanding the impact of a new product initiative across dealers, lenders, consumers, and others means we can validate an idea before we write a line of code. Making sure that idea is then disseminated to business and product delivery teams means people really understand the value of the work they're delivering.”


John Cross has become our new VP of Engineering and will be working with our software engineering teams to drive best practices in engineering, processes and people leadership, as well as helping to develop new company-level objectives and key results.

In a career spanning almost 25 years, John has worked in a wide range of industries, from video games to banking, with his most recent experiences where he focussed on replacing legacy desktop banking systems with new cloud-based technology platforms.

John outlined some of his ambitions with iVendi and said: “My main aims will be to support our development resource in order to optimise the delivery of new features to iVendi’s product suite, especially in line with the needs of the new European markets we are entering, as well as helping to scale internal teams in line with the company’s plans for growth. 

“All of this needs to be done while retaining the positive and inclusive ethos that is already in place here. iVendi has a strong cultural identity, and one of the key ways that we attract and retain high-quality talent is through simply being a very pleasant place to work. We are planning for rapid growth, but are keen that we do so while retaining what it is about the business that makes it such a fun and interesting place to work. I’ll be helping make this growth journey as smooth as possible for our teams.”

The new VPs mean we now have the right people in place to really drive our ambitious growth plans.

We’re aspiring to become a key player in multiple European markets, and having Dale and John on board will really support our business goals and give us the strong start we need.

We’re confident in our ability to achieve our goals, and now have an excellent, seven-strong team of VP’s in place that means we’re in good place to grow!