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Cutting-edge technologies that connect manufacturers to retailers and lender partners

This connection is vital to successful modern retailing.

As consumers become more comfortable with digital vehicle buying journeys, the sales process has to keep pace.

And the complexities of selling to customers that may want to complete all, some or none of the purchase online requires clever systems to meet increasingly varied customer needs.

Create a bespoke end-to-end sales journey that connects you to your network and makes buying easier for your customers.


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Bespoke vehicle retailing technology


A fully connected platform

Consumer habits are changing. People have more choice in the marketplace than ever before. Optimised to capture consumers at different stages of the vehicle buying journey, iVendi's powerful lead generation tools turn website visitors into highly qualified finance leads. Your retailers can convert these leads with a connected sales platform that moves buyers further down the sales funnel.


Managing the whole finance journey

We put finance at the forefront, producing high quality leads from consumers who are ready to buy. They can self-serve much of the finance journey, pre-qualify their eligibility, compare multiple finance options and apply for finance in their own time. Retailers can monitor the entire journey, edit, and update quotes and submit finance applications directly to lenders through a user-friendly platform integrated with both online and showroom tools.


Data-led decisions

Data drives results, and iVendi’s platform gives you a wealth of data containing valuable information around consumer activity, trends, and desires. This insight reflects what real customers are searching for, how people are moving through the buying journey, which finance products are best for them and various other data points designed to help you make better business decisions.

Explore our Connected Retailing Solutions

Our platform at a glance…

We keep on delivering

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2022

2.1 bn

£2.1 Billion Vehicle Sales

The iVendi platform helped our retail partners make over £2.1 billion in vehicle sales.

34 mil

£34 Million VAPs Sold

We've helped retailers sell over £34 million of value-added products including dealer guarantees, warranties, paint protection and much more.

18 bn

18 Billion Online Finance Quotes

Over 18 billion online finance quotes were generated through the iVendi platform for more than 24 financial lenders.

Connecting manufacturers to the consumer & finance journey

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    Empowering the consumer

    A growing number of prospective customers are willing and even want to conduct more of their purchase journey online, in some cases without setting foot in a showroom until they collect their vehicle. 

    Manufacturer solutions from iVendi are optimised to cater to consumers at all stages of the vehicle buying journey, connecting lenders, retailers and manufacturers to buyers no matter where they are.

    Omni-channel retail tools capture shoppers at the research stage with intelligent smart search allowing users to search by keyword and presenting a wider range of potential choices, before progressing buyers into the decision stage with finance-based lead generation technology.

    Lead generation and smart search products easily integrate into manufacturer and retailer websites and connect online sales to showroom processes through an innovative deal management platform.

    Improve your lead generation


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    Better buying journeys

    Online shopping is at its best when it’s simple. 

    Customer routes to purchase are diverse and complex, and the best buying journeys allow buyers to choose how much or how little they want to do online.

    Increasingly savvy online shoppers aren’t approaching purchasing decisions in the same ways they used to.

    Using the right technology provides a modern retail experience for modern car buyers and allows manufacturers to deliver digital solutions that match the best online retailers.

    Better buying journey insights

Future-proof your digital strategies

Change the vehicle buying experience

Our portfolio of products brings automotive retailing into the modern era, exceeding the expectations of consumers well-versed in online shopping.

The iVendi platform delivers the tools to revolutionise automotive retailing, boosting buyer and seller confidence by managing every step of the process.

Each aspect of the sale, from listing and searching through to finance and delivery, is structured to maximise value and simplicity.

Finance-first approach

Vital to the way the majority of vehicles are bought, finance is a core principle of retailing, and our unique approach makes it easy for prospective customers to pre-apply for finance and manage their whole funding journey.

Robust enterprise-level architecture

Built for business, our platform is securely hosted in the cloud, and ensures complete accessibility and stability thanks to features including auto-scaling, DNS load-balancing and active clustering to ensure our online tools stay online no matter how much traffic flows in.

Built-in transparency & compliance

Data security is a huge focus in the digital world. Our events-driven architecture records each step within a transaction, giving greater visibility of the entire process, and allowing your retail partners to manage compliance from both FCA and GDPR perspectives.

Flexible and adaptable approach

We will work with you in the way that suits your business needs and goals.

Whether you are looking for a fully connected retailing platform that enables end-to-end e-commerce or online tools that fit into your existing website, we have solutions ready to work with your current tech stack.

Our open integrations plug into your systems, be it bespoke enterprise suites, or off-the-shelf digital retailing tools, we’ve got a solution that will augment and enhance your existing technology, and improve your capabilities.

Built for compliance, from the start

Robust & Secure


Consumer trust is key to transacting successfully online, and iVendi’s platform is built around developing a secure and compliant e-commerce journey. 

Built on a foundation of security and compliance, iVendi provides a fully transparent audit trail, ensuring data is safe and protecting all parties against potential compliance infractions.

Managed detection & response


Cyber threats are a genuine business concern, which is why we conduct annual penetration tests with independent third parties to ensure data and systems are safe from attack.

Constant monitoring of our platform and systems means threats are detected and quickly neutralised before they become an issue. Our partners can have confidence that we keep our own, and our clients, security at the heart of our operation.

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