Dynamic solutions empowering vehicle & finance sales

OEM Solutions

Take an omnichannel approach and connect with consumers directly.


iVendi's latest white paper: Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Vehicle Retail

Smart technology brings manufacturers, retailers and consumers together

Keep pace with consumers’ busy lives and place your products at the heart of every digital transaction.

Bespoke end-to-end sales journeys connect you to your network and make buying and financing a vehicle easier for your customers.
Online Solutions

Online Solutions

Take your customers from wanting to buy, to ready to buy.

From browsing for stock to finance eligibility checking and finance applications , fully connected solutions help you reach your customers online, and stay in control of the entire sale.

Showroom Solutions

Showroom Solutions

 Meet your customer's needs, no matter where they are.
Manage transactions across multiple rooftops.
Our sophisticated finance point of sale system allows your customers to pick up in the showroom where they left off online.

Online Solutions for Manufacturers


Unlock the power of automotive finance

Our API solution delivers a flexible and customisable solution that aligns with your existing infrastructure.

Seamlessly integrate our robust functionality into your existing systems while retaining full control over your user interface. iVendi Connect empowers you to provide real-time finance quotes, streamline loan applications, deliver finance eligibility checks and so much more.

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Open your biggest showroom online

Build your marketplace from the ground up to deliver a dedicated buying journey designed to optimise conversion.

iVendi Marketplaces place your products in front of buyers from initial searches through to finance options and final purchase.

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All the tools needed to sell vehicles online

Provide your retail network with a plug & play e-commerce solution fully optimised to sell vehicles and finance products online.

Create custom campaigns, track conversions and provide a slicker, more personalised experience with iVendi WebShops.

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A better way to search

iVendi Engage rapidly returns the right vehicles and the right price for every buyer.

Built-in search analytics provide impressive insight into what your customers are searching for. And modern inventory management tools make it easy to create high quality vehicle adverts to broadcast across all your online channels.

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Get better online leads

Create a clear buying journey to progress buyers from browsers to buyers.

iVendi Convert transforms web traffic into qualified finance leads, placing your finance products front and centre for online shoppers.


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Showroom Solutions for Manufacturers


Sophisticated finance point of sale

Stay in control at every step with a system that keeps all customer data safe and easy to manage.

Create retail journeys that effortlessly transition customers from your digital channels to your in-person experiences.

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Our Latest Customer Success Story

R&W Motor Company

R&W is one of the UK's leading independent Land Rover dealerships, and stocks luxury brands including Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even Rolls Royce.

With over 30 years in the industry, they now operate a digitally centred service and have incorporated iVendi TRANSACT into their processes.

Case Study - RW MotorCo

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