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Power your business with digital and showroom tools designed to connect you with your customers, no matter where they are.


With over a decade of experience building and converting quality leads for motor retailers, we can help you achieve greater results online.

Our connected retailing platform propels retailers into the new online-orientated world, opening up new avenues and revenue streams as buyers gain confidence in the digital buying process.
More than 8,000 automotive partners across the UK and Europe already use iVendi technology to meet customer needs online and in the showroom, giving them the tools to succeed in modern vehicle retailing.

Enhance the customer experience

Offer an online experience that goes above and beyond expectations, engaging the buyer at every stage, boosting customer confidence, building your brand and increasing the chances of securing a sale.


Convert more leads

The iVendi platform is designed to walk buyers through the journey step-by-step, converting visitors into leads and leads into sales. Having a shiny and attractive website is the start, but it needs to have substance behind the style, and clear pathways that turn casual browsers into customers for your business and your products, rather than anyone else’s.


Capture your audience at all times

Did you know the four busiest hours for online browsing are between 6pm and 10pm? A top-class digital offering embraces prospective buyers even when your business isn’t open. Capture valuable online traffic with powerful lead generation tools and move buyers down the purchase funnel faster.

90% of vehicle buyers start online

Retailer - Lead Generation _ Finance Tools_Retailer - Lead Generation _ Finance Tools-ResizedAre you generating high-quality leads online?

A website is an expensive investment, but it's also your digital showroom, your online shop window, and needs to contribute to business revenues.

With data showing the busiest hours for online browsing is between 6pm - 10pm, it's essential that your digital showroom is easy to navigate, and that your visitor can find what they want with a simple search. 

While many online channels focus on the quantity of leads, they often overlook the quality of those leads, and rarely consider the consumer's position in the buying journey.


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When are buyers buying?

78% of online applications were submitted between 9am and 5pm

Whilst we know that most browsing takes place between 6pm - 10pm, most online applications were actually made between 9am - 5pm. 

But what does this mean for you?

People take time to think about their purchase and may want to speak to you about their application. Having a platform that offers consumers an easy search functionality, the options to look at finance options, talk to somebody and negotiate online is key. 

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Our platform at a glance…

We keep on delivering

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2022

2.1 bn

£2.1 Billion Vehicle Sales

The iVendi platform helped our retail partners make over £2.1 billion in vehicle sales.

34 mil

£34 Million VAPs Sold

We've helped retailers sell over £34 million of value-added products including dealer guarantees, warranties, paint protection and much more.

480800 +

480,800 Million Unique Finance Applications

Over 480,800 unique applications were created through the iVendi platform for more than 24 financial lenders.

Retailers - above DCC v3

It’s a great customer experience. We’re allowing consumers to transact the way they want, but we remain in control of the overall journey

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Hear from other retailers

What do modern vehicle retailers need to consider?

A sales journey that flows

Modern car buyers are looking for a journey that can flawlessly transition between digital and physical channels, and expect equally high levels of service from either route to sale.

The right technology can enable traditional dealers to compete with the best online retailers, connecting the online and showroom sales process to offer a seamless journey for all.

Personalised buying experiences

Bring a sense of individualisation to each negotiation and maintain the personal touch that customers expect, no matter where they are.

Build and send personalised quotes to every customer including finance, value added products and part exchange options, through bespoke Digital Deals, making the remote selling process an easy one.

A connected retailing solution

The iVendi package is a complete end-to-end solution, walking customers through from search to delivery, with technology designed to make each step of the journey simple and transparent.

As soon as a prospective customer lands on your website they are eased from one stage to the next – intelligent vehicle search, finance availability, vehicle reserve, finance application and additional profit opportunities. They are able to complete as much or little as they like online before fluidly switching to the in-showroom experience if desired.

Flexible and adaptable approach

We will work with you in the way that suits your business needs and goals.

Whether you are looking for a fully connected retailing platform that enables end-to-end e-commerce or online tools that fit into your existing website, we have solutions ready to work with your current tech stack.

Our open integrations plug into your systems, be it bespoke enterprise suites, or off-the-shelf digital retailing tools, we’ve got a solution that will augment and enhance your existing technology, and improve your capabilities.

Award-winning vehicle retailing solutions


Vehicle & Finance Smart Search

Let buyers search for vehicles the way they think about them. 

Our smart search technology helps shoppers find their next car in a more intelligent way, using relatable terminology that guides them to the right vehicle in your stock.

The traditional approach means potential buyers have to know what they want before they start searching. But allowing buyers to search by what’s important to them, be it a big boot, a family car, or something that seats seven, returns a wider set of results and opens up more stock for consideration. 

This revolutionary approach, along with the ability to sort and search by budget, means consumers are more likely to find what they’re looking for faster and move forward in their buying journey. 

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Lead Generation & Finance Tool Kit

Capture valuable online traffic with iVendi’s lead generation tools. 

Optimised to cater to consumers at different stages of the vehicle buying journey, strategic calls to action keep users on your website for longer and allow prospective purchasers to complete much of the process themselves from the comfort of their own home. 

Build consumer confidence by demonstrating the affordability of your vehicles and highlighting your finance options, encouraging buyers to take the next steps.

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Deal Management System

Good technology is designed to save both money and time. Our integrated vehicle sales platform does both, allowing you to connect your online and showroom sales processes.

Create a seamless retailing experience, and allow consumers to transition from an online experience, to an in-person experience without losing any of the information they’ve already provided during the shopping journey.

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