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iVendi's latest white paper: Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Vehicle Retail

Our Connected Retailing Platform has delivered over £2.1 billion in vehicle sales for our retail partners.  

Our Connected Retailing Platform provides retailers with all the tools they need to succeed in the modern automotive market.

Designed to cater to consumers at all stages of the vehicle buying journey, our solutions connect your online and showroom sales processes into a single, seamless experience that makes buying easier for all.
More than 8,000 dealers across the UK and Europe are already using iVendi's online and showroom solutions to meet their customers' needs.
Online Solutions

Online Solutions

Lead generation with finance built-in

Help your customers find everything they need to facilitate their new purchase. Use smart finance technology to generate pre-qualified leads from consumers who are ready to buy.


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Showroom Solutions

Showroom Solutions

Connect your online and showroom sales

Create seamless buying journeys that start online and end in the showroom. Take the first steps towards true digital transformation and blur the lines between an online and in-person experience.

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Enhance the customer experience

Go above and beyond for your customers. Provide everything your customers need to start the buying journey with you, boosting their purchase confidence and securing sales.


Convert more leads

Convert visitors into leads, and leads into sales. Walk buyers through every step of the buying journey and provide clear pathways to turn website browsers into sales leads.


Meet customer needs at all times

A top-class digital offering meets customers' needs, even when your business isn’t open. Capture valuable online traffic and move people into your sales funnels faster.

Our platform at a glance…

We keep on delivering

Platform figures for Jan - Dec 2023

1.6 bn

£1.6 Billion Vehicle Sales

The iVendi platform helped our retail partners make over £1.6 billion in vehicle sales.

31 mil

£31 Million VAPs Sold

We've helped retailers sell over £31 million of value-added products including dealer guarantees, warranties, paint protection and much more.

430000 +

430,000 Unique Finance Applications

Over 430,000 unique applications were created through the iVendi platform for more than 60 financial lenders.

Why do I need a connected retailing platform?

Generate high-quality leads online

Did you know?  Over 90% of vehicle buying journeys begin online.


Modern car buyers expect a smooth experience that blends the digital world with the traditional showroom, and they expect great service whether they are browsing online or in person.

Transform your website into a lead-generation machine that considers the consumer, giving them all the tools they need to start and progress their buying journey with you.

How iVendi can help: Our Connected Retailing Platform bridges the gap between your online and showroom sales processes, creating a custom buying journey for every buyer. No matter how they prefer to shop, they'll get a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Increase finance penetration

Did you know? Over 64% of used cars are bought on finance.

Lender - Finance applications made simple_0

In order for modern vehicle retailers to maximise their profit on every vehicle sold, they need to offer personalised car buying experiences that meet the demands of today's customers. To achieve this, they require tools and technologies that can provide tailored financing options, personalised quotes, and eligibility checks to both online and showroom customers.

How iVendi can help: Our Connected Retailing Platform provides customised financing options, personalised quotes, eligibility checks, and financing applications to both online and showroom customers. Our innovative Digital Deals allow you to tailor your approach to each negotiation and maintain the personal touch that customers expect.

Never miss a sales opportunity

Did you know? Most browsing happens between 6 & 10pm


The buying journey starts when your showroom is closed. Having a website to support 24/7 browsing is crucial for car dealers to succeed in a competitive market.

With the majority of car buyers beginning their search online, dealerships that don't have the right finance tools on their website risk missing out on a significant number of potential customers.

How iVendi can help: Our Connected Retailing Platform allows dealerships to reach customers outside of regular business hours, providing a convenient and accessible platform for browsing and research, whilst also allowing them to check their finance eligibility, reserve cars and move the sale forward. By providing self-serve tools on your website, you can offer buyers all the tools they need to buy vehicles from you, even when your showroom is closed.

Improve sales efficiency

Did you know? More than a third of consumers are willing to self-serve much of the vehicle buying journey

Consumer Self-Serve

Faster sales processes, improved customer experiences and increased productivity are vital to all automotive retail businesses. As consumers browse and purchase cars both online and in showrooms at various times of the day, it's essential to maximise your online and showroom tools to support your sales team's needs and meet the demands of modern customers.


How iVendi can help: Our Connected Retailing Platform provides an all-in-one system that eliminates the need to log into multiple systems and rekey information, saving time and reducing errors.

Our platform also provides all the tools customers need to self-serve key parts of the finance journey. By allowing customers to complete transactions independently, sales staff can focus on providing personalised advice and support, enhancing the overall customer experience. This also reduces the risk of mis-selling, as customers are empowered to make informed decisions and can access all relevant information at their own pace. 


Our multi-award-winning vehicle retailing platform helps you sell more vehicles to more customers.

But don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.
Our Latest Customer Success Story

R&W Motor Company

R&W is one of the UK's leading independent Land Rover dealerships, and stocks luxury brands including Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even Rolls Royce.

With over 30 years in the industry, they now operate a digitally centred service and have incorporated iVendi TRANSACT into their processes.

Case Study - RW MotorCo

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