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Lender Solutions

Put finance at the heart of the transaction and make buying easier online and in the showroom.


iVendi's latest white paper: Driving Future Success: Five Key Trends in Online Vehicle Retail

Put finance at the forefront of every vehicle sale

Connect your finance products to buyers at every stage of the buying journey, from online browsing to showroom sales.

Expand the reach and visibility of your products with innovative solutions that support your retailer network.
Online Solutions

Online Solutions

Make finance the first and last step of vehicle sales.

Integrate finance earlier in the buying journey to help consumers find the right funding alongside their next vehicle.

Showroom Solutions

Showroom Solutions

Finance that doesn't get left behind.

Build buying experiences that move seamlessly between online and physical channels, keeping consumers engaged.


Online Finance Solutions



Unlock the power of automotive finance

Open the door to our cutting-edge automotive finance technology to provide real-time finance quotes, streamline the loan application process, deliver finance eligibility checks and more. iVendi Connect, our enterprise-level API solution, integrates our powerful functionality into your existing systems while allowing you to maintain complete control over your own user interface.

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Build a connected marketplace that brings your retailers and consumers together

Create a home for your finance products and your retailers’ stock.

iVendi Marketplaces ease the path to purchase by providing everything your customers need in one place.

From initial searches, through to finance eligibility checking and transaction, your finance products take centre stage.

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End-to-end e-commerce solutions 

WebShops are the perfect tool for facilitating automotive e-commerce, rapidly and at scale.

Provide your retail network with a complete automotive and finance e-commerce platform, optimised to make buying easier from start to finish. 

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Vehicle and finance smart search

Engage brings finance to the start of the buying journey, allowing customers to search for the vehicle they want, at the price they can afford.

Built with buyers in mind, Engage allows shoppers to search for vehicles by keyword and payment options, showing results tailored to their specific needs.


Generate qualified finance leads online

Capture valuable online traffic with a series of strategic calls to action designed to generate qualified finance leads.

iVendi Convert progresses potential buyers further down the sales funnel, turning casual browsers into qualified leads.

Let buyers check their finance eligibility, compare finance options, get personalised quotes, and apply for finance from the comfort of their own home.

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Showroom Finance Solutions


Finance Point of Sale

Our award-winning finance point of sale system makes it easy for retailers to progress sales that started online or in the showroom.

With one system to house finance eligibility checks, vehicle reservations, online orders, finance applications and more, iVendi Transact increases efficiency and makes the sales process easier for all.


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