The right technology that helps you compete

The way people buy vehicles is changing. The way retailers sell vehicles needs to change too.

Buyer expectations have leapt forward, and online retailing is now crucial to the success of franchised and independent dealers.


The right technology can help retailers and their lender partners compete by providing all the tools needed to offer a comprehensive online buying experience, fully integrated into the showroom.

Connecting the online and showroom experience

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Connected Retailing

Connected Retailing is our vision for the future.


A future where retail technology works equally well online and in the showroom, connecting the two sales channels and providing a single, seamless journey for the consumer.


Our connected retailing platform for vehicles and financial services enables consumers to advance further through the vehicle research-to-purchase journey online and allows dealers to adapt and thrive in a transforming vehicle retailing industry.

Enhancing the customer experience

Using Search to Power Sales

Retailer websites and marketplaces remain a critical part of the vehicle buying journey.


The digital forecourt is crucial to the customer experience. But the experience on many websites has become a dated and stale series of dropdown menus and tick boxes.


Let people search for vehicles the way they think about vehicles, and provide the buying journey consumers now expect.

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Online Retail:

Using Search to Power Sales


An in-depth look at why search needs to be at the heart of a successful digital growth strategy for modern vehicle retailers.



  • Retailer benchmarking exercises
  • The latest thinking on search
  • Tips & hints for digital strategy


Connected Retailing:

Addressing the Challenges of Digital Transformation

Delve into the future of automotive retail and discover how digital tools can be used to enhance the existing vehicle buying experience.



  • Consumer behaviour
  • Digital sales journeys
  • Maintaining profitability

The Future of Vehicle Retailing

Vehicle retailing is complex, but consumers want simplicity.


Our Connected Retailing solutions connect the retailer, lender and consumer throughout the research, decision and purchase stages of the vehicle buying journey and connect the digital and showroom sales processes, providing a seamless experience for consumers, no matter how they choose to buy.


Digitisation has provoked more change in motor retail and vehicle finance in the past five years than in the decades before combined.


Moving forward it is important to learn from the experiences of trying to conduct business differently.


Creating a more agile business that's ready to deliver under any circumstances will stand well for the future.

Vehicle Retail Future

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